Electric Bikes for Sale

We have chosen the follwoing brands of E-Bike for their overall quality of manufacture and reliability of battery and electric motorized hubs. All of the Flying Cat models meet international standards and are certified with the EU standards for Electric Bikes. All models are classed as electrically assisted bicycles so you must pedal forward for the E-Motor to drive, with the option to change gears while moving. All the E-Bike city and river trail models come with strong alloy rear carrier, mudguards, comfort grips and saddles - all designed and built around a Lithium-ion battery and adjustable handle bar position.

Please call the shop to book a test ride and viewing time or organize personal delivery in the Waikato area.

Mountain to Road Cycles will make every effort to get you an electrically assisted bike, regardless of what's on the shop floor today.

We will order in and assemble & fit the perfect motor assisted bike for you. Question or comments? - Do not hesitate to contact us.